Alarm Bells Ringing For Fourth From Bottom Charlton In The Championship

10 October 2013 01:45

Charlton travel away to Blackburn on the 19th October, the question the fans face is whether this Charlton team is good enough to win the game.

The answer to that is unfortunately no, in realistic terms. Something went horribly wrong pre-season, at the kick-off of the new season the team were playing under strength. What really happened was that Chris Powell underestimated this division, its a strong and gifted division where many players especially in midfield and upfront will punish weaker teams, this is now happening to Charlton, in the last 2 home games, they have managed to gain 2 points by both games being drawn. If this continues Charlton Athletic will find itself battling to stay in the division with the rest of the poorer teams.

The only way forward is for Chris Powell to own up to the fact that he made errors, to his better judgement. He now has a team that is simply not good enough, and has to cut the losses in damage limitation, by off loading players to other clubs, by doing this he can use his contacts to get good players, players who will help this team stay in this division by loaning, yes loaning, this club hasn't any money and it is the only option available to the club.

As I said before, the club needs to wake up and do something now, rather than later, when it will almost be too late.


Source: DSG