Belgian Pro League review - Charleroi vs Westerlo

07 August 2014 12:01

Charleroi dominated from the get-go, scoring already in the 8th minute after a beautiful slalom by Fauré. A while later, around the half-hour mark, Westerlo’s defence set up Kitambala for his first this season, making it 2-0 for the home-team.

Westerlo had been given a blow, but showed resilience when they scored the 2-1 a few minutes before the break. Keeper Mandanda – younger brother of Marseille-goalie Steve Mandanda –processed a ball shoddily, to which Aoulad replied with a bicycle kick, a wonderful goal.

The second half started, and Westerlo showed no hurry to make it levelled, giving the ball to Charleroi, letting them play almost unchallenged. Nearly did it cost them greatly, but Diandy missed his shot. Aoulad was not so unfortunate, slotting it in from an assist from Gounongbe. Westerlo had equalized, and Charleroi had lost all sense of direction.

Just past the hour, it got even worse for the home side when Mandanda punched a cross from Aoulad right into Gounongbe, his first of the season, and Mandanda’s second blunder.

Charleroi attacked, searching for the equalizer, but Van Langendonck kept his team upright with some good saves. The game was over for Charleroi, who lost at home 2-3.

Source: DSG