No hiding place when it comes to getting games played

04 April 2011 04:34
The fixture pile up is a problem with the split in the SPL in mind The postponement of Saturday's game against Inverness just added another burden on manager Neil Lennon's shoulders. He was all set up to pick up three points to keep the pressure on Rangers and had the players tuned for the game. The late cancellation meant the players had to release their poised tension with a hard training session after the abortive trip north. It did not do away wit the need for the game to be played however. As the final games of the league before the split are being crow-barred in, it could be that Celtic will have to play four SPL games in eight days. Celtic are playing in the next three midweeks, leaving Thursday, 14 April - two days after the game against St Johnstone - as the only realistic slot to fit in the game against Inverness before the split. However, Motherwell's win over Aberdeen put them four points above Inverness and another victory for the Steelmen on Wednesday against Dundee United would put them in line to clinch a top-six place on Saturday, meaning the SPL could schedule Celtic's trip to Inverness later in the season. It is not easy for the fixture computer but harder still for coaches trying to get their players set up to peak at the right time for games.