Mowbray concerned by negativity

04 December 2009 11:19
Ahead of the game against Aberdeen on Saturday, Mowbray claimed his honesty and openness has been used against him by the Scottish media.

Asked if it was getting him down, he said: "No, I don't see it.

"It affects the people around you who read the papers, the people you love and care about, family members.

"It's not particularly nice that they got concerned about me.

"My message to them has always been that you don't need to concern yourself about me, I'm fine.

"I laugh it off, it genuinely is not an issue for me.

"I am a very focused guy in what I believe is right and I will keep doing that.

"I'm a pretty open guy and I like to talk about football but if it keeps getting used against you every week, then why keep falling in the same trap?

"I love to talk about football, I'm an honest guy but it doesn't seem to be a positive, it seems to be a negative."

He added: "It's pretty open for the world to see. In Scotland you are either great or you are not.

"There seems to be no grey areas, so let's not talk about grey areas, let's keep it black or white.

"I worked with the media in Edinburgh and the west midlands and now I'm working with the media in Glasgow.

"I've played here at Celtic for four years so it has been a period where you see if things have mellowed but maybe it's naive to think that they have mellowed.

"I've enjoyed five or six years working as a manager and I've never had the reaction or the manipulation of what you might say.

"I understand it but the bottom line is when you are speaking to the media in the west midlands, there doesn't seem to be an agenda there, or the need to twist things.

"So you can talk honestly and openly and have a bit of banter with the journalists who are not there to create stories that aren't there.

"You definitely can't do that here. But I'm not here to change it, I'm here to work within it and I will do that."

Source: Team_Talk

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