Lennon feels love from Elton

09 November 2012 03:24
Neil Lennon has revealed that he received a surprise congratulatory phone call from Sir Elton John following Celtic's win over Barcelona.

Celtic fan Rod Stewart was captured by the cameras crying in the stand after the Hoops had beaten the Catalan giants 2-1 in their Champions League Group G encounter at Parkhead. However, a result which reverberated around the world led to Lennon being contacted by another pop icon.

"I had a lot of texts from people in the game which was fantastic but I got a call yesterday from left field from Sir Elton John believe it or not, congratulating me," said the Northern Irishman.

"I thought my missus was winding me up but it just shows you the interest it has generated among a lot of people.

"I don't think he was as emotional as Rod but he did tell me when he was chairman of Watford and they got to the 1984 FA Cup final he was so emotional that he did cry before the game.

"He was very knowledgeable about the game and knew a lot about myself and it was great that he took time out to call me, as he is going to Australia on tour."

Despite Stewart being arguably Celtic's most famous supporter, Lennon admitted he had yet to meet him. He said:

"Do you know, I have never met Rod. "I didn't get the chance to see him after the game.

"He does e-mail me from time to time so I hope to get to meet him soon.

"He is a wonderful ambassador for the club, he loves the club and for someone who has such a status in life to be such an avid supporter is fantastic for our reputation as well."

Source: team_talk