Hartson makes gambling confession

13 October 2011 09:46
John Hartson has claimed he is being hounded by bookmakers who want him to continue betting despite his battle to pay back his gambling debts.[LNB] The former Arsenal, Celtic and West Ham striker has also revealed he once owed over £300,000 to bookmakers, as well as banks and friends he had borrowed money from to feed his addiction.[LNB]Hartson, who has recovered from testicular cancer, said: "Some people just can't let it go and they are still hassling me.[LNB]"They are still offering me the opportunity to bet, trying to make a way into my friendship," Hartson told The Sun.[LNB]"I don't want to go down that road again. I've paid back as much as I can of my debts. I cannot physically afford to pay any more."[LNB]Hartson has seen his pension taken away to pay off creditors and has also entered into an Individual Voluntary Agreement to repay 12p in the pound of his remaining debts.[LNB]Harston added: "At one point I owed between three and four hundred grand.[LNB]"I have done my best to pay back what I can because I have never knocked anyone in my life.[LNB]"I'm a good guy, I was struggling with an illness - gambling."

Source: Team_Talk