Caldwell: Bhoys will be professional

21 February 2009 10:46
With only one win in their last five SPL games, the champions' lead over Rangers at the top of the table has been cut to two points.[LNB]The heavily-sanded Fir Park surface could lead to another afternoon of struggle for the visitors, but the Celtic defender believes it is simply another test for Gordon Strachan's side.[LNB]"It's always tough at Fir Park," he said. "Motherwell like to get the ball forward and put you under pressure physically.[LNB]"We also have to handle the pitch, which has been a problem.[LNB]"Sunday is one of the occasions when we need to be professional and do a job on a surface that isn't great."[LNB]Caldwell has yet to discover whether the circumstances will dictate a new gameplan.[LNB]"I don't know if we'll play a different style," he admitted.[LNB]"All I know is that we'll carry out the manager's instructions.[LNB]"I think we just need the confidence to know that we can go and win tough away matches like this. We need to string a few results together.[LNB]"A season has many ups and downs. Over the last few weeks, we've hit a sticky bit of form - but the first half against Rangers last week was a bit better.[LNB]"We want to build on that and hit a bit of form.[LNB]"By doing that, we hope we can win more football matches and have a chance of winning the title."[LNB]Celtic and Rangers were both criticised after last Sunday's drab 0-0 draw at Parkhead.[LNB]Caldwell acknowledges there was little in the way of entertainment.[LNB]"There are lots of bad games all over the world every weekend," he said.[LNB]"Sometimes it's hard to produce the type of game that everybody wants to see - and Sunday was a case in point.[LNB]"Both teams cancelled each other out.[LNB]"For the fans, it was a disappointing spectacle.[LNB]"But it's not all doom and gloom. I think the game is going forward in Scotland, and there are some good players here."[LNB]Fans' expectations for flowing football must always be countered by the need for points by any club, he believes.[LNB]"I think if you asked the Celtic supporters if they'd rather have a team play brilliant football all the time and win nothing, then they'd just want a team that win matches and trophies," added Caldwell.[LNB]"As a player, you go out and win a game of football first and foremost. That's what you're paid to do.[LNB]"Sometimes games get scrappy, and you just have an instinct to get a win.[LNB]"At times, we'd like to play better football and be more attractive. However, that's not always possible."[LNB][LNB]

Source: Team_Talk