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Catania Football Club

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Last Game: 22-May-2011 17:00
Inter Milan


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Jeda force not enough to give Novara victory

Jeda force not enough to give Novara victory

Alejandro Gomez scored an injury time equaliser to deny Novara victory in a thrilling 3-3 draw with Catania on Sunday. Brazilian Jeda had looked to have snatched the three points for..

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Latest Reader Comments

"This reminds me of when he signed Sahin for Real Madrid. Sometimes things just don't work out."

Adam Reis

Mohamed Salah - Chelsea's wasted genius?
"Absolutely spot on article and what hurts the most is that the overwhelming majority of British and Chelsea fans have no clue of his true potential and killer instincts that made UEFA website mark him as the new global super star in the making and that's exactly how he attracted both Chelsea and Liverpool attention but that's defenitley not the way to handle such super talent and whoever would imagine that this good for the kid is either clueless or a useless dreamer because as an Egyptian I'm sure that Salah's pride is hurting in a big way and if action not taken soon Salah might not even make it to the Egyptian national team.. U know the kid defenitley made the wrong decision coming to Stamford Bridge an arrogant and somehow careless team that doesn't care one bit for young talents and to build one talent they could destroy ten on the way and Mark my words people won't get to see Salah's magical talent until he leaves Chelsea and I pray for his sake and the National Team sake this happens fast to avoid further concussions to any already terrible move and experience!!! "

Mo Mansour

Mohamed Salah - Chelsea's wasted genius?
"Oscar reminds me so much of the legendary German International, Thomas Hassler (in the 90s). Very few football players have in emerged with such talent and technique. Oscar is indeed a potential World star! "

John Abato

Oscar, the Boy Wonder: A look at Chelsea's Number 10

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Catania results

Italy Serie A
14:00Brescia 1 - 2 Catania
Italy Serie A
14:00Catania 2 - 0 Cagliari
Italy Serie A
20:00Juventus 2 - 2 Catania
Italy Serie A
14:00Catania 1 - 4 Lazio
Italy Serie A
14:00Bari 1 - 1 Catania
Italy Serie A
14:00Catania 4 - 0 Palermo
Italy Serie A
14:00Udinese 2 - 0 Catania
Italy Serie A
14:00Catania 1 - 0 Sampdoria
Italy Serie A
14:00Fiorentina 3 - 0 Catania
Italy Serie A
11:30Catania 2 - 1 Genoa
Italy Serie A
19:45Napoli 1 - 0 Catania
Italy Serie A
14:00Catania 3 - 2 Lecce
Italy Serie A
11:30Bologna 1 - 0 Catania
Italy Serie A
19:45Cesena 1 - 1 Catania
Italy Serie A
17:00Parma 2 - 0 Catania
Italy Serie A
14:00Catania 1 - 1 Chievo Verona
Italy Serie A
14:00Catania 1 - 2 Inter Milan