Williams desperate to prove a point

19 February 2009 05:37
Williams found himself out of the side after a series of blunders earlier on in the season, however under the new management of Greg Abbott he has been given his chance of redemption.

The keeper has certainly taken his chance as well, making a string of great saves as Carlisle ran out 2-0 winners at Brighton last week.

Speaking to News Star he said: "With what was written and said, if you weren't a strong character you would probably crumble.

"You have to take it on the chin and use it as a learning curve. Whoever the criticism is from, whether it is warranted or not, you have to get on with it, deal with it and prove those people wrong.

"I definitely have something to prove, probably more than I did when I came in the summer. Now people have seen me play well and have bad games, and judged me on that."

Source: Team_Talk