Nixon: Fees will increase

19 August 2010 02:30
Carlisle managing director John Nixon expects the amount of money Football League clubs pay out annually to agents to keep on increasing. The Football League's latest figures show that the Cumbrians spent just £12,000 on agents' fees in the 2009/10 season - less than half the £30,135 they spent in the 2008/09 campaign. The publication of Football League clubs' spending on agents' fees has revealed that money committed has increased in the last 12 months from £8.8million to £12.7million. Nixon said: "That system was good as it brought an almost immediate reduction in fees being paid to agents by clubs. Unfortunately over the course of the last few seasons it has become apparent that top-flight clubs have either been unwilling or unable to adopt the same approach. "The Football League rules on dual representation have since been relaxed, hence the increase in payments that have recently been reported." He added: "What is clear when you look through the report for the Championship and League One; is that the figures are pushed up by those teams who have been in the top flight. They have the spending power, and it is likely to remain this way as those same teams push to try to get back into the Premier League."

Source: PA