Livesey bemoans frustrating season

18 March 2009 04:17
Livesey is currently sidelined with tendonitis of the knee following a frustrating campaign in which he has struggled to find his best form. He told the News and Star: "It's not been great. There have been a couple of good games when I thought I was back but I've not been able to string three good ones together. "Consistency is what I pride myself on and over the last two or three years I think I've shown that. It's been a strange season and now it's been compounded with the injury. "It's hard to put my finger on why it's been like that. Maybe this season we've had to defend a lot more and when you are doing that constantly, one mistake as a defender makes it look like you've had a terrible game. But that sounds like I'm blaming the team, which I'm not. "For me it's about getting back and making the position my own again. I intend to do that. I've got to come back fit and ready and take next season by storm."

Source: Team_Talk

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