Aldred: Move not for money

06 July 2010 02:30
Former Carlisle defender Tom Aldred has hit back at claims he quit Brunton Park to join Watford purely for financial reasons. Aldred's agent stated publicly after the teenager had signed a two-year deal with Watford earlier this week that Carlisle had not offered him enough money, but the 19-year-old insists that was not the main reason. Aldred told the Times & Star: "My agent said in the press that it was to do with money, about a lack of incentives, but for me it wasn't about that. "Anyone who knows me knows I have not gone anywhere for money. I'm not flash. I would happily play football for next to nothing. "I'll be honest and say the first offer from Carlisle was a bit disappointing. I thought I deserved a bit more. To be fair to the manager (Greg Abbott), the next day we discussed a different contract and at that stage I had every intention of signing for Carlisle. "But when I got back from holiday I got a call from my agent saying that Watford were interested in me and after speaking to them I realised it was just an opportunity I couldn't turn down."

Source: PA