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Night of the long scarves

18 Feb 2013 00:02:48

Night of the long scarves

Thanks, but no thanks. I will reject the offer of a free scarf.

I am 100% behind my football team and am enjoying the action, going to games and just gawping at the league table as we edge closer to possible promotion but I am extremely uncomfortable with the team playing in red and I am not going to be persueded by the offer of a free scarf.

So when presented with one on Tuesday I will politely decline and I hope enough people also decline the offer and make a statement that we don't agree with this red malarky that is just not Cardiff City.

I don't think there's any chance that the owners will have a change of mind but I really do hope they find some sort of compromise that will not continue to alienate fans that have followed the club from boys to men.

Football is tribal, it's tradition, it's history. Colour and identity are supposed mean everything.

Source: Cardiff City Online


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