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Liverpool quiz questions

20 Dec 2013 02:12:03

Liverpool quiz questions

Six Liverpool related questions, answers on Saturday.

Six Liverpool related questions, answers on Saturday.

60’s. Who is this player?

70’s. Name the City player from this decade who made one appearance for Liverpool in the 1950’s.

80’s. This man made five appearances for Liverpool in the 80’s, can you name him?

90’s. Name this full international who was at Anfield during this decade.

00’s. This Surrey run machine has performed in Lancashire (where he came up against Welsh opposition in 2007), Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire in recent years  - who is he?

10’s. His arsey japing probably didn’t help this player’s cause when the Liverpool starting line up for the 2012 League Cup Final was named – who am I talking about?

Source: Cardiff City Online


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