VT offers subsidised away travel to Peterborough

14 March 2013 10:44
Fans travelling on Suporters Club coaches will pay just £8.00.

The following statement was released on http://www.ccsc.co.uk/

In an initiative to get as many City supporters to travel to the away game with Peterborough, Vincent Tan has kindly put up a kitty amounting to £400 per coach for the travel groups.

This means, for Supporters’ Club members and Non Club members, that there will be a flat fee of maximum £8 per head for all those traveling to the game with no concessions.

This generous move was considered for the Leeds United away fixture due to the excessive cost of that trip. 

However, it was decided to delay the reduction for a game closer to the promotion run-in and the Peterborough game was chosen instead. 

Take advantage of this special offer and book now!

I'm not sure if this applies to independent coach operators. Please check with your reps.

Source: Cardiff City Online