Tough time but believe in Malky

16 March 2013 10:13
Big test of Malky's management skills coming up during the last couple of months of the season I believe.

How does he lift the squad to get back to winning ways? What changes does he need to make? Does he need to change his game plan? Training methods? Him and his team will be going through all those headings and look at options at the moment no doubt, but the final decisions will come down to him.It appears to many of us at the moment that our last 2 home draws have been disappointing results but maybe they will turn out to be points gained in the coming weeks. Unlike the defeat against Brighton I think the Derby and Leicester results seem worst due to the way we approached and played the games. We appeared to set up not to lose the games rather go for the jugular like most home games this season with a quick start to win the game early with plenty of goals in many of our home matches. On Tuesday night again like the previous Tuesday against Derby we appeared slow and lethargic in many areas of the pitch, ball watching, slow to react, 2nd to the knock downs, slow to close down, moved the ball slowly, very little movement from the team, and inaccurate passing. This is the total opposite to how we have played at home all season.Ok its long season but Jan and Feb the games haven't exactly been coming thick and fast with January almost turning into a mid season break after the hectic Christmas schedule! So what's gone wrong in the last three weeks? We all have our opinions, and we all have the benefit of hind sight to think of them, and then we have all the answers to solve the problems, but in truth which way does Malky go now?The defence appears a shambles at times for organisation, and errors with the amount of injuries we are sustaining not helping us either at the moment, but also the midfield has been shocking in front of them, slow to close down, to get back, to track their runner, to cut passes out, cut crosses out. Ben Nugent a young defender who hasn't let us down defensively since he came into the team took some un called for stick from supporters because of some of his distribution wasn't on the Money; I've heard Bellamy was fuming after the game over it, Nugent is still a kid and has defended really well for us, the kid isn't going to be a Puyol overnight and he may never be? he could end up being like Hangeland at Fullham an effective defender but not a distributor but all and all a good defender. Give the lad a break for God sake!!! Up front we have Frazier Campbell lets face it hasn't even had scraps since he arrived but has managed 5 goals so we need to feed him.Interesting team selection for Saturday then to bring about a result; does he drop whittingham? Gunnarsun? Conway? All of whom along with Kimbo have done well away from home when Tommy Smith was injured! At the moment none of the midfield look as if they can pass water, still working hard but out of form as a unit, do you bring in the energy of Cowie?, or do you give Mutch another chance? a player who is not everyones favourite after a couple of average performances, but at the start of the season showed what he is capable of! If we are going to play the long ball game then Rudy or helgassun must start alongside Campbell, where does Bellamy go? Our talisman; wide left or right or do we go bold 4 3 3? With Hudson out of the side a place needs to be found for Bellamy for his work rate and leadership alone.Positives to come out of Tuesday in my opinion we knocked the ball around ok for the first 15 minutes but with a 4 5 1 formation never looked like we had much penetration. Kev came on 2nd half and had what was probably one of the best halves for 2 years, although he limped off at the end. Also Whittingham finally got a shot from open play in the 2nd half narrowly missing the post, and his corner kicks were starting to get back to earlier season form in the 2nd half pity Hudson and Turner weren't on.Tough time for Malky I believe now making the right choice and lifting the team, we have the points on the board still 6 clear with a game in hand clear of third, we have the squad, and we have the experience, its all about the right choices, attitude and frame of mind the players go onto the pitch with, and the management team have the major contribution in preparing the team and individuals for battle.We need to show Craig Bellamy and the rest of the players that we are fully behind them and get behind the team from now on in. I have been guilty during the last game or two of getting frustrated but we need to hold our nerve and perhaps we can make a difference to the way they play. Tomorrow let's start to try and get behind a player if they make a mistake, just like the Liverpool fans by singing the players name in support of him instead moaning and groaning they are working hard to achieve promotion. Many of us had given up on Tuesday night but the team didn't kept going and scored a late goal which felt like a winner perhaps that will be the springboard back to form, and rid us of the tag "we're Cardiff City we f@ck up at the end"I believe Malky will get us there along with the senior players and management teamBluebirds   

Source: Cardiff City Online