The Championship weekend

21 January 2012 02:04
The top three, Southampton, West Ham and Cardiff are all at home for this round of games. We get the chance to put some pressure on the Saints who only play on Monday evening. Saturday 21st January 2012   Championship   Barnsley  v  Millwall 15:00   Birmingham City  v  Watford 15:00   Blackpool  v  Crystal Palace 15:00   Bristol City  v  Doncaster Rovers 15:00   Burnley  v  Derby County 15:00   Cardiff City  v  Portsmouth 15:00   Coventry City  v  Middlesbrough 15:00   Leeds United  v  Ipswich Town 15:00   Peterborough United  v  Brighton and Hove Albion 15:00   Reading  v  Hull City 15:00   West Ham United  v  Nottingham Forest 15:00   Monday 23rd January 2012   Championship BET Southampton  v  Leicester City 19:45