Ten to watch in 2013/14 - 7. Andreas Cornelius

By 01 August 2013 09:11

When a club is promoted to the Premier League, a key requirement for survival is a consistent source of goals. Cardiff City have sought to address that need by signing Andreas Cornelius from FC Copenhagen for a club record fee of some £8million. Whilst the fee doesn’t reach the exalted levels of the £50million-odd spent on Cavani, or the £85million plus figures being banded about as the fee for Gareth Bale, if the Dane can score the goals to keep Cardiff in the top league, the value to the club will be bordering on the priceless.

It’s always a gamble when signing a young foreign player with limited experience, but a quick view of Cornelius’s record suggests that he has the credentials to make the move work. At 6 foot 4 inches the 20 year old appears to have the required physical attributes to lead the line in the robust world of top line English football. He does however, also have the goal-scoring record to back it up. In his one and only season of first tam football in the Danish Superliga, he netted 18 times in just 34 games, including a goal on his league debut. He’s also played for Denmark at various under age levels, and has seven full international caps and a goal to his record.

The coming season will be a major one in the career of Cornelius. He has the kind of record that places a player on the cusp of being a valuable commodity. If he continues to score in the much higher level of football he will be competing in next season, his value will soar, and Cardiff will be seen to have secured a bargain. Clearly there’s no guarantee and many promising careers have faltered when tested at the highest level, but Andres Cornelius is definitely one to watch for the coming season.

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