Tell the supporters what is going on Or Malky will

14 October 2013 11:40
Strong words from Malky's agent ahead of today's board meeting.

Malky Mackay meets the Cardiff City board this morning looking to seek assurances that he is fully backed by Vincent Tan. Fans fear that Malky's time as manager of Cardiff City could come to an end today.

Malky lost his most senior member of staff last week when Iain Moody lost his job. There have been plenty of rumours about why Moody was initially suspended, then put on gardenling leave before leaving the club altogether. Was it a move to undermine Malky? Had Moody failed at his job? Or was Tan jealous of the adulation showed towards the manager and his staff?

Tan has bankrolled the club's rise to the Premier League and given Malky around £30m for summer signings. Another rumour for Tan's latest bizarre actions is that he's not happy with seeing the side in the bottom half of the table.

Malky's agent Raymond Sparkes has spoken out and says Malky wants the fans to be informed and if the club are not prepared to reveal what's going on then Malky will.

Sparkes told Wales Online: “From the word go Malky’s concern has not been for himself, it is for the club itself.

“He is deeply concerned that what was being built at Cardiff City, the momentum being built over the last two years, is in danger of unravelling.

“Malky is basically trying to protect what he has achieved at Cardiff City and is not worried about himself so much.

“He completely understands the anxiety that must be building among the club’s supporters.

“He believes nothing has been explained to the fans in what has been going on for a number of days now.

“Malky understands there has been a lack of clarity and will insist at the end of the board meeting that the chairman or other senior directors provide supporters with a clear explanation of what has been going on.

“If that cannot be done he will take it upon himself to do it.

“He does not want the club’s fans left in the dark for too much longer.

“Malky does not want to talk about himself too much right now, but he is aware the biggest question that many people have is what is the manager’s current situation,” said Sparkes.

“He knows everyone wants him to stay and he says ‘yes he will do that’.

“But he needs certain assurances at the meeting that these things will be better as we move forward.

“Malky has been overwhelmed by the amount of support he has had, both locally and nationally, from different sports and the business world.

“The situation at Cardiff is that if you say there are 100 people working at the club today we are certain 95 of them support the manager.

“The five remaining people, one of whom, of course, is the owner Vincent Tan and the others who will take the lead of Mr Tan and dance to his tune.

“In the meeting we will be seeking to find out the support from Vincent Tan to Malky moving into the future.

“We have to feel the climate is right to be able to move things forward.

“We know there are three of four doubting Thomases and Malky is aware right now there is not 100% support for him in the club.”

“Malky is not going to into the board meeting emotionally,” Sparkes continued.

“He will be reporting three or four facts that he believes the chairman, in particular, and the senior directors will not be aware of.

“Malky’s main aim is to seek and clarify his position at the club moving forward.

“We would like to make it totally clear that Malky has no intention of resigning.

“He feels he has made a genuine bond with the club, the city of Cardiff and the people of the city, particularly the Bluebirds’ supporters.

“He just wishes to be given the chance to continue with the job he has started and continue the journey he started with Cardiff City more than two years ago.

“He will go into the meeting with an open mind and will be seeking assurances about his concerns of his relationship with the owner and, hopefully, he will get those assurances.”

Source: Cardiff City Online