Supporters refute Tan's claims that they are ungrateful

21 July 2013 06:14
Blubirds Unite and The Trust have responded to VT's comments.

Mr Tan think's it's totally fine to change the club's colours and because he's invested the money beieves all fans should be grateful and accept the change.

Sian Branson from Bluebirds Unite told Wales Online.

Vincent Tan’s comments completely baffle me. I find them disappointing and quite arrogant.

Bluebirds Unite have never once criticised the club for their victories and success of last season. We thank Vincent Tan for his money and input.

However, to us Cardiff City will only really be recognised for the true identity of the club we grew up with.

We believe that we are at our greatest time in football terms, but any victory will be tainted because it will not be achieved under our own brand.

Being from Wales means culture, history and heritage are factors we have been brought up with and are ingrained in us from a young age.

That is why we find it impossible to back down from petitioning for our club to be restored to its true identity.

We have gone out of our way to ensure Bluebirds United is something fans can join and be proud to call themselves Bluebirds.

We want to celebrate our club’s heritage and are not setting out to be negative.

We waited until the end of last season so as to avoid disrupting anything at a crucial stage.

Today, with Cardiff City are on the world stage, we are prepared to stand up and show what the Bluebirds are about.

Tan says only five per cent of the club’s fan base are against the rebrand, but 10 per cent of the fan base are Unite members already – and we expect that number to double.

We have 5,000 facebook followers, 2,000-plus on twitter, plus a lot of traffic going through our website. There were 600 people at our meeting at the Corporation in Canton.

So far we cannot see any plausible reason for the re-brand of our club. Disruption has been caused by that move.

Our campaign is about being blue and proud of our club’s identity.

Meanwhile Tim Hartley, Chairman of the Supporters' Trust said

Cardiff fans are grateful to Vincent Tan for the investment in our club. We are in the Premier League, where we have wanted to be for half a century.

The financial support of our Malaysian owner has also been absolutely crucial in achieving a dream many of us thought that we would never see.

However, a lot of supporters and many Trust members have hardened their views on the re-brand and want a return to the traditional blue.

We have asked the football club to at least compromise on the colours in acceptance of the wishes of most fans. But we will work with the club and staff to ensure to ensure Cardiff City make a success of their Premier League status.

A fans’ survey we conducted showed strong support for a return to the traditional blue kit when we play at the Cardiff City Stadium.

History and tradition are very important to many Bluebirds supporters while appreciating the club has to move forward.

The survey results showed many fans would urge Mr Tan to consider compromise.

A Trust statement issued by us after the survey said: “We believe it is important at this time to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction and that there is a strong sense of unity.

We believe it is important to have a period of stability as we enter very exciting times for the club and its supporters.

We urge Mr Tan to consider returning the first-team home kit to blue at the earliest opportunity with red becoming the away kit.

We are sure if that were to happen it would be warmly welcomed by an overwhelming majority of supporters.

Source: Cardiff City Online


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