Speculation and rumours, Oh and Sam Hammam

21 May 2011 11:05
It hasn't taken long for Sam to get his name in the papers again. Just a few days after City's capitulation in the play offs we've heard rumours that Dave Jones will in no way survive as Cardiff City manager. Talk that he's been given fair chance to resign himself or be sacked (still nothing new on that front just yet) with names like Roberto Di Matteo and Chris Hughton being linked as likely replacements. In fact Jones himself is strongly linked with the now vacant role at West Ham. Like all footballing summers the gossip will follow until the official announcements are made by the club one way the other. We have 'in the know' gossipers as well as those who heard from a mate's sister that x, y or z was seen in the local Spar. You need to weigh up the validity of any claims from people convinced they know it all. In the last few weeks Dave Jones' house was up for sale while he was renting Ridsdale's old place. At the same time Jones was having his house rennovated so not living there while the work was done. Two possible scenarios and I don't think yet either one has been proved or otherwise. Lurking in the background is Sam Hammam. Sam has a line to the City fans via a section of the internet and the Echo. Sam driving opinion and influencing internet forums is one thing but I'm surprised the Echo have taken to using the messageboard rumours as basis for many of their stories. It used to be that the professional journalists would provide the speculation, links and leads that we as supporters would discuss and follow up. Now it seems to be the other way around. Of course Sam can't be dismissed. He is owed a lot of money and until that matter is finally resolved he will always have an interest. Speaking from the Lebanon Sam is quoted in today's Echo “We cannot waste time,” he said. “We should agree now and take our football club forward together.” “The club does not have a football leader to steady the ship,” said Hammam, who feels manager Dave Jones had too much to deal with in 2010-11 and should have been able to focus entirely on his squad. “Richard Branson has a sign on his desk saying ‘Lead, follow or Get Out of The Way’, while my message is slightly different,” said Hammam. “I say ‘Lead, follow or share’ – and I am more than willing to work alongside the Malaysian investors. “Decisions must be made – and fast,” says Hammam. “We must not let this drag on through the summer. Everybody who loves Cardiff City wants to see this situation sorted out and then the football club can look to the future. “They should either pay Langston what is owed or let me back on board. I have football knowledge and I can contribute to the football side.” It's unsure exactly what ammount would be required to pay Sam off completely, there have been several agreements over the years with different options to settle but he appears to be saying that if he's given control of football matters he would write off the debt. If not then pay him off. I hope the current investors make the right decsion and not have the club unsettled ahead of next seasons campaign.