Special day for Paul May, son of Eddie

19 April 2013 12:33
Eddie May's name rang out at CCS on Tuesday bringing a tear to his son's eyes.

Paul May, a Charlton fan, was special guest of Cardiff City for the match that saw the Bluebirds promoted to the Premier league.

Paul is pictured here looking at one of the many images of Eddie which hangs in the Eddie May bar at CCS.

Paul has catalogued his visit in pictures on Charlton's Into The Valley forum. Click the link below


Posting on http://www.ccmb.co.uk/ Paul said of Cardiff fans and his visit:

"Cardiff City fans are different class. As I stood applauding you at the end of the game last night I had a tear in my eye but just about managed to hold it together.

"I Felt myself wobbling just before the offside goal when Eddie May's barmy army rang out. I turned around to my partner and said that is the class of the people hearing it was phenomenal.

"I don't want to turn this into an Eddie May sideshow, Dad and Rick Wright will be painting the town red up there now, but down here it's all about Malky and the boys and that's the way it should be."Go out now and win the league, Malky deserves to be the third manager to do so and as for the club they were immense last night and treated us superbly, it was a real pleasure to be there and share your success with you.

"As far as the club are concerned they were fantastic, and what they laid on for us was totally beyond what I was expecting and it was a night that we will never forget."

Source: Cardiff City Online