Six decades of Cardiff City v Norwich games

25 October 2013 10:59
Quiz questions on Norwich v Cardiff matches by Paul Evans.

Six Norwich related questions, answers tomorrow.

60’s. Sadly, this Norwich player from this decade (he played over 350 games for them) is now living in a care home having suffered from Alzheimer’s disease since 2007 which his wife believes was partially caused by the amount of times he had to head the ball during his career, can you name him?


70’s. Can you name the player on the right of the back row in this photo?


80’s. This player, currently a manager in Scottish football, turned out for Norwich against City in the early 80’s having earlier had a brief and hardly memorable loan spell with us while with another club, do you know who he is?


90’s. Norwich famously won at Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup in 1993, can you name the future City player who was in that team and the three Welsh internationals who were in their squad that night?

00’s. He appeared against us twice for Norwich in 03/04 and then signed for us later in the decade, who is he?

10’s. Can you name the current Oldham player who made twenty eight appearances (including two against us) for Norwich’s 2010/11 promotion team?

Source: Cardiff City Online