Six decades of Cardiff City v Burnley matches

19 April 2013 11:28
Questions on tomorrow's opponents by Paul Evans.

60’s. Who is this Burnley player from this decade shown below and how is he connected with our former midfield player Richard Carpenter?

70’s. This Burnley striker from the 70’s made nearly three hundred appearances for the club and was awarded an MBE in 2006 for his services to football. Who is he and what post did he hold at Burnley after his retirement from playing?

80’s. In the past week, we’ve had crowds totalling nearly 53,000 for our two games at Cardiff City Stadium, but , to the nearest hundred, what was the total attendance for the two matches between us and Burnley in 1986/87?

90’s. The City starting line up and subs for the 2-1 home win over Burnley in March 1994 contained four players with four letter surnames, can you name them?

00’s. Someone called Karl Bermingham was used by Burnley as a substitute in the 3-3 draw between the sides in September 2005 – spookily, he replaced which player who’d scored two goals that afternoon?

10’s. Name the brothers who lined up against City in successive matches in late October/early November this season.

Source: Cardiff City Online