No Swans supporter ban - Cardiff

28 September 2009 09:33
Cardiff chairman Peter Ridsdale says he does not expect rumours that Swansea will ban Bluebirds fans from the Liberty Stadium to be true. The always-volatile Welsh derby clash is scheduled in Swansea on 7 November. Media reports have suggested Swansea want Cardiff fans excluded due to concerns over the estimated £90,000 for policing the Championship fixture. "As far as I'm concerned we expect to take supporters with us [to the game]," Ridsdale told BBC Sport Wales. Swansea have been contacted by BBC Sport Wales but have yet to make a response. It is understood that clubs cannot ban away supporters on the basis of police costs, but may make an application to the Football League if there are concerns over safety. "I've heard rumours [about a ban], but nobody from Swansea has approached me directly," said Ridsdale. "[Unless that happens] you ignore [the rumours]. "It's up to Swansea City, the game's at their ground, [but if Swansea have] any other intention I'd expect them to approach me formally. "My view is that football is about two teams and two sets of supporters. "The minute you start banning away supporters it's the thin edge of the wedge and next you'd be banning the away team from turning up. "We've got to be able to police football matches in safety. "The more we suggest that these fixtures are un-policeable... it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy." Ridsdale did admit to being concerned about the amount football clubs have to pay to ensure the safety of their fixtures. "[The costs] are onerous, it's something we've got to get a grip on," added the Bluebirds boss. "I'm not happy with the way costs are passed on to football clubs. There was a small amount of trouble in the Liberty Stadium last September"You go to restaurants and pubs in a city centre on a Saturday night and they are not charged additional money for policing. "I don't see why sporting events should be either, we pay enough in rates and taxes to local authorities. "But as soon as possible we should get back to treating [the Welsh derby] like a normal league fixture. "Then it's more likely that the supporters will behave accordingly. We've got to stop the hype and start treating it as a normal football match."

Source: BBC_Sport