Nathan Blake 'Cardiff City is a blue club'

04 June 2013 01:49
'I will never accept a red home kit' says the former Bluebird.

Despite a misleading headline by WalesOnline saying

Cardiff City made a wise move by allowing fans kit vote

The comments that followed by Nathan Blake yesterday made it perfectly clear where he stands on the red kit and shortgate.

Blake said

'Like most people, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Cardiff City’s new home kit.

'My first thought was that it looked like two different kits put together and that the whole thing was some kind of joke.

'When it was announced it was actually a conscious decision by the club and the whole ‘two tone’ thing was chosen deliberately, well, I could only shrug my shoulders and laugh.

For the only ‘two tone’ scene I am interested in involved The Specials, The Selecter and me wearing my Crombie jacket back in the day.

'Put simply, it looked awful and it was wise that the club quickly climbed down and allowed fans to vote on which shorts they wanted to see next season.

'But the cynical part of me can’t help but see a conspiracy in all this.

'We have now got fans voting on which colour shorts go best with a red shirt. The whole argument about red and blue is totally absent now.

'It is an incredible situation and, as far as I am concerned, a very sad one too.

'I do feel this new kit fiasco has reopened an old wound, that’s if it was ever closed in the first place.

'Someone asked me, irrespective of the shorts, what I thought of the new Cardiff City shirt.

I told them I have no feelings about it whatsoever as it has no significance when it comes to Cardiff City due to the simple fact that it is red.

'I’ve said it from the very start that Cardiff City is a blue club.

'Blue, white and yellow are the colours that should be used on a Cardiff home shirt with blue being the main one.

'It does not make any sense to me at all. No good reason for the change has ever been provided, because I don’t even think one is available.

'I don’t care if in 20 years Cardiff are playing in red, if in 50 years they are playing in red. the Bluebirds are the Bluebirds, that is the way it will always be.

'Like many, I swallowed my pride last season and watched them make the Premier League.

'I’ll be honest you were made to feel you had to just to save the club we all love.

'But, like many too, I will never accept a red home kit.

'I suppose the irony of the vote for the new shorts will not have been lost on some. Cardiff fans who voted for black were effectively voting for the kit Vincent Tan imposed on the club last year.

'It is a dreadful situation.

'And it could have much bigger repercussions too. Last season everything went brilliantly for Malky Mackay and his men on the pitch and any ill-feeling never got a chance to develop.

'But, trust me, if things do start to go wrong on the pitch in the Premier League then discontent can spread easily among supporters.

'And something as seemingly insignificant as the kit colour can suddenly become a big thing.

'In times of trouble, the smallest crack can soon become a gaping hole and the Bluebirds most certainly do not want that.

'Going into the Premier League you need everyone pulling together, everyone pushing in the same direction – and that is not the case because of this ridiculous kit issue.

'The unity that should be there, the joy everyone should be experiencing has been taken away by this issue.

'I know the club are not going to change it back any time soon – that much is clear – but I have to say it how it is.

'It’s not the colour of the shorts which is the problem, it’s the colour of the shirts. A very big problem.'

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Source: Cardiff City Online