Midweek Championship fixtures

17 October 2011 11:37
There's nearly a full fixture list this midweek. Ten games on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.

Can City get a rare win at London Rd?

Tuesday 18th October 2011   npower Championship Barnsley  v  Burnley 19:45   Ipswich Town  v  Portsmouth 19:45   Leeds United  v  Coventry City 19:45   Millwall  v  Brighton and Hove Albion 19:45   Nottingham Forest  v  Middlesbrough 19:45   Peterborough United  v  Cardiff City 19:45   Southampton  v  West Ham United 19:45   Blackpool  v  Doncaster Rovers 20:00   Crystal Palace  v  Bristol City 20:00   Reading  v  Derby County 20:00   Wednesday 19th October 2011   npower Championship Leicester City  v  Watford 19:45

The missing 12th match is Hull City v BIrmingham City. Postponed due to Birmingham's Europa Cup campaign.