Man jailed over Carling Cup ticket scam

12 March 2012 09:26
Conman given six months after pleading guilty to fraud.

Amrik Gill, 25, from Chorlton was found guilty on two counts of fraud and was given a six month sentence. It's his 4th time in jail in the past two years.

Gill registered on football forums and Facebook to advertise imaginary tickets.

He was jailed this time for conning £75 from a Liverpool fan wanting a Premier League ticket and a Cardiff fan, who uses CCMB, was taken for £216.00 thinking he was getting Carling Cup tickets. His previous convictions were for similar offences.

Det Sgt Neal Colbourn, from Greater Manchester Police’s Volume Crime Team, said:

“A number of people fell victim to this ticket scam, and have been left out of pocket thanks to Gill’s underhand scheme. At no point did he have these tickets but he roped people in, preyed upon their trust, took the money and ran.

“However, the evidence against him was overwhelming and he had no choice but to admit his guilt, meaning he was jailed for six months just 24 hours after we arrested him.

“I hope seeing this man convicted gives the victims some sense of justice.”

Det Sgt Colbourn said Gill’s actions should serve as a warning to fans looking for tickets. He said: “If you do want to buy tickets in this way, please use a reputable website or company which ensures your money is protected and can be refunded if you do not receive your tickets.”