Malky's first words after two weeks of turmoil

17 October 2013 11:26
Boss apologises to City fans as he talks for the first time since the departure of his colleague Iain Moody. The club has been in the media for the wrong reasons with fans left in the dark as to what was going on after Moody's departure and the appointment in his place of a 23 year old rookie.   There was no comment from Malky after Monday's board meeting either but as City prepare to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday the boss has given his first interview.   Speaking to Wales Online Malky said   “I do want to apologise to our supporters because I can understand completely what they have been going through.   “I think that is needed. In the two-and-a-half years I have been here I feel I have forged a big bond with the fans and the people of Cardiff in general, they have been fantastic to me.   “So I feel I know what they have been going through. I do regret that their club has been thrown into the limelight for reasons other than our football.”   Cardiff face one of their toughest tests of the season with a trip to Stamford Bridge on Saturday, ko 3:00pm. Several of the players have been away on international duty but Mackay must now face Jose Mourinho's title contenders as he tries to prepare as normally as possible.   “My job is to protect my players, it’s as simple as that,” he continued.   “As always I need to support them and make sure they are properly prepared and I will be continuing to do that.   “Our preparations this week, apart from the fact we have had an international break, have been exactly as they always are.   “We have procedures that we follow and nothing has been allowed to detract us from that.”   Mackay's Cardiff City future appeared to be hanging in the balance but after the meeting on Monday Malky has spoken positively of the future working with Chairman Mehmet Dalman   “I’m looking forward to a trusting and strong relationship with our chairman,” he said.   “He chaired the meeting in an excellent manner. You could tell he has chaired board meetings thousands of times and is used to doing it every day.   “He was very professional in his manner and I’m very thankful to him for that.   “I believe as a result of the meeting the club has implemented a number of actions which are going to prove beneficial to all involved now.”   Malky mentioned Iain Moody but gave no clue as to why he had left.   Mackay said: “Everyone at Cardiff thought Ian was just a class act and were incredibly impressed by how he went about his daily business.   “It’s a case I feel now, that our loss is very much going to be someone else’s gain.”   Malky will have to face more reporters over the weekend as he takes his side to West London. Maybe just for once the media will be more interested in what Malky has to say than his opposite number Jose Mourinho.   Chelsea v Cardiff CitySaturday 3:00pm.

Source: Cardiff City Online