Malky waiting to sit down and talk with Ince

03 July 2013 05:19
The boss has spoken about his hopes of signing Tom Ince

If the signing of Andreas Cornelius came out of the blue then its going to be the opposite if we sign Tom Ince.

The name has been in the papers for many days now and finally Malky has spoken about the potential transfer. A fee of around £8m has been suggested.

"Thomas has been on holiday. it won't be long until we get the chance to sit down with him and his family," Mackay said.

"He's a very exciting young talent in the game at the moment."

Mackay want's to be able highlight the vision at Cardiff City. Other clubs are linked and there is a concern Cardiff could be being played to get the boy a better deal elsewhere.

"I know him pretty well in terms of the last couple of years in the Championship," Mackay said.

"It's always the player's decision; clubs can accept bids from anyone but at the end of the day it's always the player's decision.

"What you have got to do is get the chance to talk to them and for that to happen the club have to accept your offers.

"If I'm able to sit down. [I can] talk to them about the vision we've got here and the way we've structured the club and the massive benefits that I see in coming to Cardiff City.

"A really thriving club, a thriving community, a lovely city, a great fan base and great facilities and a team that I'm proud of that did really well last year.

"That's the sort of thing we take into consideration."


Source: Cardiff City Online