Malky: Langston settlement needed to happen

25 July 2013 07:43
Now the club can move forward.

Malky Mackay will continue to implement his plans at CCFC but he's pleased that off the field matters are being settled.

Speaking to the BBC Mackay said of the actions taken by the owner

"For our owner to take his plans forward now with a clearer picture massively helps the football club.

"I had a plan that I was working to and this doesn't affect that.

"If you're talking about off the field then it's something that needed to happen and it was something that always was going to happen - it was only a matter of time.

"We were relaxed as to the plans the owner's got.

"He quite clearly stated he was going to clear the Langston debt and he's going to put seats in the stadium, and last year he was going to invest in the team to try and get us promoted and to invest in a new training ground.

"They're all things that we've actioned and are happening."

Settlement of the Langston debt has resulted in Sam Hammam coming back on the scene. I hope he knows to back off the work being done by the manager and let Malky get on with things his way.

Source: Cardiff City Online