Malky 'Keep backing the team'

01 March 2013 04:04
Malky Mackay has urged City fans to trust Vincent Tan.

Speaking before the trip to Middlesbrough the City boss asked for fans to keep up their support for the side and have trust in him and the owner.

"What he (VT) said and the statement he released yesterday was that he is not going to change the name," said Mackay.

"I would ask our fans to trust the man because whatever he says he goes and actually does.

"To this point he has said this season he will put money behind the team and he did, and he has put £50-odd million into the team and the football club over a period of years.

"So I just ask our fans to keep backing the football team and trust him and myself and my staff to do things in the best interest of the football club.

"I would ask people to look at the evidence of someone who has put £50m in and not taken a penny out."

Source: Cardiff City Online