Malky Forest Green reaction

30 July 2012 01:33
What the boss had to say after seeing his side lose their opening pre season friendly.

“It was really a fitness session for us and I wasn’t expecting to learn too much about my senior players,” said Mackay.

“The pitch was fantastic and I did know it was going to be a nice little work out for us. I was always going to give everyone 45 minutes each. (Andrew Taylor, right, shows off the blue away shirt with it's beer mat badge)

The second half saw Steve McPhail pick up a hamstring injury just minutes after starting the half. City had no option but to see the game out with 10 men.

“We had agreed to have rolling substitutes, but then the referee said the FA would have a go at him if he permitted it, but that’s the way things go."

But Malky knows this time is for getting the players onto the pitch for game time.

“It was very much for us about getting people touching the ball again and we can move forward in our preparations."

And are you expecting more layers?

“We are still looking at new signings. We are delighted to have the ones we have and now we have various irons in the fire in terms of the next month.

“I would like to get them in as quickly as possible, but I’m realistic to know that these things often go to August 31.”

Cardiff play their next game at Cheltenham tomorrow evening.