Malky expects a hostile reception at Vicarage Rd

24 December 2011 01:01
He wants to be judged on what he achieved while at Watford. But if he gets a load of stick he'll deal with it.

“It’s understandable that a manager who left of his own accord rather than being sacked is going to get booed,” admitted Malky Mackay. 

But he emphasised: “What I would like to be judged on is my time at Watford as a player, a coach and, more recently, as a manager, although I know that might take time.

“I want to be judged on my team, on the players I had and the way my team played. I’d like to be judged on the way I acted as Watford manager.

“If that happens, fine, if it doesn’t that’s also fine. That’s football, I’m big enough to have to deal with that.

“But I’ve got great respect for the fans at Watford. Great respect for the passion they have for the club.

“I have great memories and those will never go away whichever way Boxing Day goes for me.

“My reception will have no bearing whatsoever at when it comes to my view about my time at Watford.”

Cardiff face the Hornets at 12 noon on Boxing day, Monday December 26th.