Mad Mourinho charged with improper conduct

24 October 2013 12:03
After not speaking to the press on Saturday Jose Mourinho blasted Cardiff on Monday.

The Chelsea manager was send to the stands at Stamford Bridge on Saturday for losing his rag with referee Anthony Taylor. Mourinho kicked off when Taylor tried to get Branislav Ivanovic to hurry up with a throw in.

Jose was incensed as he believed Cardiff had been time-wasting all game. Taylor sent Mourinho to sit with the fans and now the FA have charged him with improper conduct. A charge he can contest by 6pm on Thursday or he can just take the £8,000 fine.

Mourinho sits with the paying public

When Mourinho did speak to the press on Monday ahead of Chelsea's Champions League game in Germany he said about Saturday's game and that goal:

"If I was in that game and I was paying for my ticket, I would be worried by the fact every time the ball was out or stopped and our opponent had to put the ball back in the game, it took a median of 21.5 seconds," Mourinho said. "That is a waste of money. You pay your ticket and every time the game stops you have to wait about half a minute?

"When you multiply that by the number of times the game was stopped … you pay for 90 minutes but you see 55 or 60. For me, that's breaking the rules. Scoring a goal with a hand, that breaks the rules. Score a goal that was not a goal, as happened in Germany last week [in the game between Hoffenheim and Bayer Leverkusen], that's not funny. That is a rule. But [on Saturday] someone did an intelligent action.

"When I arrived home the first thing I told my kid, who likes to play goalkeeper, was: 'See the goal and don't do that, eh?' And he's 12. But if, in this moment, Fifa says that it's a foul, it's a foul. But I think Samuel did well. Maybe the referee did wrong; I don't know, to be fair. But in my opinion, that should be allowed as it was for years. No contact with the goalkeeper, nothing to stop the goalkeeper to make a quick kick … even with space he took 30 seconds. The goalkeeper has six seconds to have the ball, correct? They had almost half a minute. That's breaking the rules. So Samuel didn't break the rules."

Anthony Taylor has been given a Premier League game this weekend but is likely to be 'rested' the following weekend after allowing the illegal goal at Stamford Bridge to stand.

Source: Cardiff City Online