Last word from Watford

29 December 2010 11:48
Aftrer saving a penalty and then going a goal up you had to think it would be Cardiff's day. Shame the fog didn't force an abandonmentNot so.Pretty passing from defence to midfield counted for nothing as Watford's attack ripped our back line to shreds. Lee Naylor was subbed to save him from further embarrasment after he was targetted as the weak link.There can be no complaints from Cardiff that Watford were worthy winners.The tannoy man at Vicarage Rd has become my most hated man in the world. His yelling of 'The Golden Boys' was so tacky it made me want to tie a knot in his microphone.The Watford multiball system was terrible and should be banned. Several times two balls were on the pitch but even then City couldn't take advantage.Scott Loach was able to wind up the City fans who taunted him all game. Fair play to him. No complaints from me but I hope we make him eat his 4 fingered celebrations and kisses to the crowd. Will those fans screaming for him to be arrested get a life.Maybe the only consolation was that the fog was so thick in the 2nd half that we couldn't properly see the Watford goals as they hit the back of the net.