KCB statement

26 July 2012 08:41
After the disrupted meeting on Tuesday evening KCB yesterday afternoon issued the following statement.

The Keep Cardiff Blue campaign is very concerned that its meeting last night to discuss protest plans was disrupted and eventually curtailed due to intimidation and threats of violence from a small group who, in their own words, “unconditionally” backed the club’s rebrand plans.

This group had obviously planned in advance to attend only to disrupt the meeting and made it clear that they would use and endorse violence against anyone peacefully protesting inside the ground. An example of their threats (as mentioned in a local press report below) was “anyone taking a banner in to the ground, I will bury them”.


The group of supporters making and supporting these threats are known to the club, indeed many of them have been courted, endorsed and even employed by the club’s officials in the past.

The threats and intimidation will do nothing but galvanise the Keep Cardiff Blue campaign and we will continue to explore and plan peaceful, lawful ways to protest against the destruction of the club’s identity. Indeed, we have received much fresh or renewed support overnight as the events of the meeting have been reported.

However we call upon the club to condemn these threats of violence against its supporters considering nothing but peaceful protest and ask them to publically guarantee they will do everything possible to ensure their safety in and around the ground.

We also call upon club director Steve Borley to end his inflammatory and distorted campaign against Keep Cardiff Blue on his personal Twitter account branding it’s members as “extremists” and “radicals”. We think last night’s events clearly show who the extremists and radicals actually are and such comments from a club official risk exacerbating the situation.