Jones hits out at City slackers

28 September 2009 12:53
Jones was frustrated with his team's soft side and sloppinesson Saturday and complained about the inconsistency that has dogged their season to date. With no chance of bringing new faces to the club at this moment in time, Jones is seriously mulling over whether to drop one or two from his starting XI for the visit of the Rams. He said: "Certain players now, how long do you give them? I've said to them, how long do you keep going like that? You can't just expect it to happen, you've got to make it happen and I don't think we did that in the second half (at Hillsborough). "We all have a responsibility to try and shake yourself out of it, maybe one or two at this moment are in a mode that's difficult, so the only way you change it is to change them." He continued: "I was happy with our first-half performance after the initial 10 minutes. It's who switched the lights out in them when they came out for the second half? It only takes one to switch off and at the moment maybe it's the same people that are switching off and that's when you need to change it. And maybe it is time to change now."

Source: Team_Talk