Jones hails Bluebirds' progress

17 March 2009 06:34
He said: "They're going to hold the first game [at the new stadium] in the middle of July so again it just tells you how far we've probably come as a football club. "The expectation levels that people talk about are sometimes far greater than what we can actually achieve at the moment. "But it just shows you that the way people are talking, how they perceive us now is that the club is run on the right lines, going in the right direction and got some very, very good players and a lot of good staff as well. "So it's moving in the right direction and as a manager, if there's progress every year it means you're doing something right. Hopefully that's what I've been doing. "This football club at this moment is in a healthy position. "We've got fantastic supporters home and away and we're trying to achieve something [promotion] that they've been itching for for many, many years and this is probably the closest we've got to it in a long, long time."

Source: BBC_Sport