Jones: Arguements encourage competetiveness

04 December 2010 11:00
Dave Jones has turned rumours of dressing room unrest into a positive and explained why during his pre Preston press conference. "There are always arguments which go on within a football club," he said."If you go round the football world there will always be disagreements on certain things."There were arguments in games which we won, but if we've lost a game and there's an argument then people will focus on it."There's no trouble in this football club. There never has been in my time here and I promise you there never will be because it's not allowed."But, of course, there are disagreements between me and players, players and players."Everybody wants and expects the best. I'm not going to stop it, I will encourage it because it gives you the competitiveness you need at this level."Cardiff have been dealt a blow with the loss of Tom Heaton. Jones has confirmed he will name Jordan Santiago on the bench with David Marshall starting the game in place of Heaton.Jones may also be prepared to involve defender Chris Riggott. The former Middlesbrough centre half joined City in the summer and has been working on getting fit for first team action.City have the chance to get to within two points of Q.P.R. today. Rangers' game at Hull today has been postponed.On paper City are strong favourites but we musn't take anything for granted. Dave Jones is stressing that every game is as important as the next one."There's no more pressure if we play top, bottom, or middle," he said."Everything is the same. The expectation levels around here are sometimes too much."It will be a difficult game. You've got to look at results over the length of a season and not just this season, many, many seasons."You can't take anything for granted. I don't think you can predict anything in this division."We must prepare in the proper manner and turn these results into wins."We are at home and we have to impose that on them. We've got to try to get back into a winning way and keep climbing the table."We've got to chase QPR back down again."