Is Wanyama just a drama?

25 June 2013 01:30
Reports suggest Cardiff have made a bid in excess of £10m to Celtic for Victor Wanyama.

But Celtic have previously agreed a fee with Southampton of around £12m only for the player and his agent to refute earlier claims that the defensive midfielder was in talks with the Saints saying their terms were not aceptable.

Wanyama himself said:

"While the bid was ok for Celtic, the terms were not right for myself and my agent.

"I am open to what offers are made, but I am relaxed and it's important that Celtic are happy too."

Cardiff are now one of the clubs suggested could be waiting to speak to Wanyama and his agent but the Daily Mail say Celtic have rejected Cardiff's lesser offer.

Again, this is all in the media and there has been no comment from Cardiff City on this matter.

There seems to be a bit of cynicism in the media that the player is hoping to lure an Arsenal or a LIverpool into the mix and is looking for a move to a bigger Premeir league club than Southampton or Cardiff.

He's no doubt a huge talent but personally I don't expect to see him sign for Cardiff City.

"We are not in talks with Southampton and have not been since their final offer of terms, which was more than two weeks ago," his agent Ivan Modia told Sky Sports.

"The news of the fee being agreed may just be coming out now but we see little sense in a fee being agreed if there is no reasonable prospect of the player's terms being met.

"To suggest we are talking with Southampton is totally false, their offer was way below Victor's expectations. There is no chance of him signing the deal on offer and, in fact, both Celtic and Southampton were informed of this some time ago.

"The player will not be forced into a corner to accept the Southampton deal, just because it is good for Celtic. Remember, he has been with the club for two years now - without a pay rise - and has given them wonderful service ever since he arrived.

"Added to this is the fact that by Celtic refusing him permission to join Queens Park Rangers last summer, Victor lost more than £1m in potential salary earnings - yet he just kept his mouth shut and continued to be a model professional. Many other players may not have adopted this attitude, in the circumstances."

Modia confirmed there was interest from elsewhere, adding: "We know there is interest from elsewhere and Victor is obviously open to those prospects - he is currently back in Kenya and hopes that Celtic will adopt a more reasonable approach and take into account the service that he has given the club so far and the rest of these issues.

"Nobody at Celtic can question his attitude and he is hopeful he can leave on good terms with the club. He loves the club and its fans, he's played his heart out for the jerseybut he didn't quite expect that it may end like this."

Source: Cardiff City Online