I'm concerned about the play offs

07 May 2011 11:07
I'm worried about our chances in the play offs. Not just because it's a bit of a lottery but because we don't appear to be able to show a killer instinct just now. I appreciate we had a great run recently but when it mattered we blew it. Over Easter / MayDay we went DWL Norwich went WWW they did the job.Today Leeds were trying to get an unlikely play off place, they won at QPR, Forest were defending their play off place and they went and won at Crystal Palace.Reading made sure they couldn't get caught by beating Derby and Swansea, a week ago 5 points off 3rd place came through with wins at Millwall and a thumping 4 - 0 home win today over Sheff Utd. They made sure. Imagine if QPR had been docked points. We might as well have stepped aside and opened the door for Swansea to walk through.At the same time we lost against Middlesbrough and gave up 3rd place to our rivals by only drawing at Burnley. When it mattered we blew it.Of course if we go on and get promoted all this worry will be irrelevant. But I am concerned.DJ and the squad will talk a good play off talk and say the right things. But it's time for action, not words.Show us what you can do. Not what you can't.