Hull City. Post match fan reaction

16 March 2012 04:34
NigelBlues gives his thoughts after City's disappointing defeat.

Malky has stayed loyal to his players and his system but it's been painful viewing and has clearly run out of steam. The last 8 league games have seen 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 defeats which is relegation form. We've also conceded a ridiculous 16 goals in that time. Even in the games we've picked up points, the performances have not impressed and just papered over the cracks.However it's still all there for us even if confidence and belief is very low. Our run-in isn't exactly daunting and if we can somehow get the show back on the road, the play-offs remain very achievable. I can't give up on them and I hope nobody at the club is.However some things just don't look right in our set up, our play and some of our players. Tonight was a prime example. The first half, I'm really not sure where Liam Lawrence was supposed to be playing but he certainly never got wide. Don Cowie has been very poor for weeks and offers very little. You can't play someone just because they run a lot. Reality is, he's out of position on the wrong side of the pitch, constantly playing with his back to goal and able to do nothing other than check out or come inside. Not good enough. Then there's the sight of the ultra-talented Peter Whittingham being completely wasted playing way too deep. This 'quarter back' role is fine is there's options for him but when it's Kenny Miller alone and no pace men or runners, he's going to waste.I love Malky and still feel he will deliver. He's done brilliantly well and if Liverpool at Wembley turns out to be our season's highlight, it's still a day and memory I'll take to my grave. However it's tough seeing us fall away like we are, very tough.I think it's time Malky made some wholesale changes. For my money, I'd do the following;Drop Marshall, play Heaton - Marshall has now let in 20 in 10 league games, an awful record. Not his fault for so many but I don't think he's been as great as others would have it either. If Heaton can't get a game in circumstances like these, then there is no point having him.Drop McNaughton, play Blake - I love SuperKev and will not join with those who are slating him lately. He will come again but has been asked to do a hell of a lot for City this term. However maybe he needs a rest and Darcy won't let us down at all.Drop Cowie, play Conway - Sorry but I fail to see what Don Cowie has offered Cardiff City in the past 3 or 4 months. Not entirely his fault as he's often out of position but let's get some natural width back in the side. It was too easy for Hull tonight as we offered no pace or width so they packed centre midfield and we looked a mess as a result.Play Gunarrsson back, Whitts forward. City looked a little batter 2nd half for that change. Given our limitations, we can ill afford Whitts being nullified by playing too far back. It's plain crazy doing that.Consider giving Keinan a game, Earnie getting more game time, look to give Kiss or McPhail a chance and maybe even get Kadeem Harris on the bench as we need wins fast.Unfortunately our options are too few but to not utilise any of them and carry on as we are just would not be acceptable after continue bad performances and results.

Nigel Harris