Harte attacks. Battling words from Royal Ian

17 May 2011 12:24
Ian Harte has taken a swipe at Cardiff's support, team and bottle. The Reading full-back is talking a good talk for his club ahead of tonight's play off semi final 2nd leg. Hopefully City will be clinical enough to dispense the Royals without a murmur.  "Cardiff's fans seemed to be delighted at the end to get a draw and go back to their place" he told the Reading Chronicle. "It was as if they have won some sort of trophy. "But we can go anywhere as we have proved in previous games and win. We can score goals." The former Leeds United full-back also felt that if Reading could keep it tight, Bluebirds fans could become restless. "We saw recently against Middlesbrough when Cardiff lost 3-0 that if things don't go quite right then their fans get on the players' backs," stated Harte. "The nerves start to get to them and their fans will expect them to go forward. "I watched the Middlesbrough game and it seemed they were going to score every time they attacked. We hope we can do a similar thing. "Cardiff will have to come out and open up and play against us. Hopefully we can capitalise on that." And he added: "I thought we were the better team in the first game. "We didn't get it down and pass the ball as much as we wanted, but we're still in a decent position."