Hammam speaks to the Echo after Langston settlement

24 July 2013 03:58
It's not taken long for Sam to have his say on matters at CCS.

Hammam's role as Life President means he has no say in football matters and no place on the board but he still has plenty to talk about.

“If he asks my opinion or I have a view then we will talk,” said Hammam. “But if Vincent Tan disagrees, wants to turn left when I suggest going straight ahead, I will follow him.

“I stress we must all get behind our leader.

“This man is a winner. In life when you see a winner you go with the winner. We need him to win for us as long as he can.”

Hammam is the new Cardiff City life president. And in this case, he says, life means life.

“This is my right, not something which has been bestowed on me,” said Hammam. “It is a ceremonial role, but I am a figurehead for the club. Vincent Tan leads the way and I will back him in any way I can.”

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Source: Cardiff City Online