Fernandes respects tradition

20 December 2013 08:56
Unlike other club owners

QPR owner Tony Fernandes has been speaking about the way he looks after his club, Q.P.R.

The Malaysian runs his club differently to owners like Vincet Tan (changing colour, idenity and tradition) and Hull's Assem Allam who has changed his clubs name.

“I take a different approach to life" Fernandes told West London Sport, "I like to talk to my fans, I like to get their feedback.

“I don’t think we have had a single fan against our [stadium] move, because we have managed it differently.

“I am in the pub with the fans, I am in the stands with the fans. Although they may not physically own the club, the fans are part of the club. Without them there is no club, so I think their views have to be taken into consideration.

“I’d love to change (the kit) to red but we bought a club that’s blue, so we’ll stick with blue.

“I think QPR is a unique name but it’s like buying Harrods, why do you want to change it?”

Source: Cardiff City Online


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