Fans united for Mikey Dye memorial

11 October 2011 01:15
Cardiff City and Swansea City fans came together on Sunday to play against each other for the Mikey Dye Memorial Trophy.

Michael Dye lost his life outside Wembley Stadium last month when Wales faced England in a Euro qualifier. Initally the tabloid media were happy to suggest it was rival Cardiff and Swansea fans clashing that caused his death.

Since then a man from Worcestershire has been charged with manslaughter. The tabloids that ran with the false allegations have failed to correct their provocative reports.

So in an effort to show the world that Cardiff and Swansea fans can get along a match was arranged between supporters from both clubs with proceeds going to the fund set up to provide financial aid for Michael Dye's family.

The day was a huge success with plenty of media coverage to see the Cardiff side win 4 - 2. One of the goals scored by Mikey Dye's son.

“That was the best day of my life,” said Chris Dye, after an emotional afternoon for family and friends.

“This was for my dad and he would have loved it. I just know he was watching this today – and I will never forget this match or the way people from both clubs gave their support.

“Dad always said I was never as fit as him. I gave it everything I had in his memory.”

Sky Sports, BBC and ITV all reported on the game.

Jason Perry gives a final team talk before the players take to the pitch.

One of the organisers of Sunday's game, Terry Walters, said: "There has been a lot of support from both sides."

"Mikey's death was a tragic event, but something good has come out of it because it has brought both sets of fans together to realise that there's more to life than football.

"We realise there is massive rivalry between the two clubs and, while it's great to have a rivalry, it's great to show that fans can put that aside and get together on an occasion such as this."

“Cardiff and Swansea put rivalry to one side today and sent a strong message out from South Wales,” said Perry, the former Cardiff and Wales defender.

“Fans of many clubs around Britain probably wouldn’t be able to do something like this. Today was red, not blue or white. Red for Wales. The fans of each club came together to remember a Wales supporter.”

The match raised more than £1,700 for the Mike Dye fund – which has so far raised more than £16,000.