FA to govern Cardiff and Swansea

10 May 2011 11:17
Apolgies if I'm repeating old news.I'm playing catch up after a few days away. On Friday May 6th The Guardian reported: Welsh clubs will break with more than a century of football tradition from next season and submit to cross-border regulation by the Football Association. Cardiff City and Swansea City have historically been dealt with by the FA of Wales , which has different regulations and disciplinary processes to its English counterpart. This is despite both clubs playing in English competitions. A spokesman for the FAW told Digger: "All matters where the penalty can include sporting sanctions will be dealt with by the [English] FA, including doping and off-the-field issues." How this will take shape is currently the subject of ongoing discussion but Digger hears from another source that one possible outcome is for a representative of the FAW to sit in on any FA disciplinary panel involving a Welsh club.