Dave Jones reveals reason for stubborness with local press

06 September 2011 09:24
The former City boss was speaking on Sky Sports 'Goals on Sunday' show on the weekend. Dave Jones regrets the prickly relationship he had with the media during his time at Cardiff City.   "If you're talking about regrets then yes, maybe I should have repaired that rapport with them (local media), but sometimes you get stubborn as well." he said.   Jones revealed where there problems started   "Where did it originally come from? They character assassinated Stephen McPhail in a game against Swansea and continued to do that.   "I wasn't happy with that and actually spoke to one of the reporters and asked him why - and because they are supporters as well as reporters it's very difficult to give an unbiased opinion. There's a boy who's fighting cancer and I wasn't happy with the character assassination.   "It didn't matter about me because you get that all the time, but somewhere along the line we lost touch with each other and as long as I kept getting results it was always going to be about results. "But when one of them says his ambition is to get me out of my job then why should I speak to them?   "I never had a problem with any of the nationals and I should have been bigger and probably repaired some of the damage, but once it's done it's very hard to go back. It does upset you when things are said and I don't think they went about it in the right way."