Club sends out 'fan survey'

08 July 2012 06:28
Supporters given chance to comment on future issues.

Cardiff City have sent a 'Fan Survey' out to members on the clubs database covering topics like future kit and badge designs but it's not enough to change the plan to play in red this season. Fans are also asked for their opinions on the branding of the stadium now that Cardiff Blues are out of the equation, things like naming the bars after past players etc.

The club said, "This is the first stage of the consultation process, from which the survey findings will be communicated in due course. We will also be setting up a working group, including randomly selected survey participants and the official Supporters Club and Supporters Trust to look at the findings. The goal for all concerned is to put together a cohesive strategy that everyone can appreciate and understand going forward.

As a club we want to continue working closely with supporters, a practice that has among other things influenced the UK's most successful football family area and also contributed to progress made in the Canton Stand. This process will help to recognise our past while strengthening our future."

Within the first day over 3,000 replies had been received.

If you did not receive yours by email you can apply for one stating your name and fan no. and you will be sent a reply.